Review: Lush – Dark Angels Facial Cleanser 

I read a lot of good reviews about this one. I bought their mask of Magnaminty and decided to give this a try. I got this as a sample and it lasted for 3 weeks!  Imagine that!  What if I have the regular size,  it would last for ages! Product description: Velvety black sugar cleanser.… Continue reading Review: Lush – Dark Angels Facial Cleanser 

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October 2016 favorites 🎃

🌻Well that was fast!  What did I do this October. Hmm,  my husband celebrated his 31st birthday🍰 (oops, I’m sorry honey!  😂). Renewed my private license (💉nursing stuff). 🎶Band Practice.  Breakouts. And more breakouts.  Seriously though, I’ve been really stressed out with all of these breakouts happening on my face mainly on my chin! I… Continue reading October 2016 favorites 🎃